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About Us

Our Purpose

To assist our Member Firms in finding the best solutions for achieving their clients’ goals through seamless collaboration within Praxity’s global alliance of independent firms.

Our Position

Praxity uniquely empowers our Member Firms as champions for global business success.

We Value

Relationships. Innovation. Flexibility. Quality.

More about us

Our members provide the best solutions for companies to achieve their goals through seamless collaboration within a global alliance of leading independent business advisors.

Praxity is an innovative, international alliance of 880 offices of best-in-class independent Member Firms. Together, they share their combined expertise from strategic locations around the world, leveraging highly-customised business solutions and deep regional understanding – driving outstanding results and returns for clients in over 120 countries.

Collectively, our Member Firms are champions for business globally, with an uncompromising yet collaborative model for aligning and uniting ambitious like-minded companies like yours. Independent expert advisers are hand-picked from 76,000 professionals – working seamlessly in multidisciplinary teams across international borders to meet every client need.

As an alliance, our Member Firms amplify competitive advantages while supporting unique and diverse cultures – to help you expand your business growth and realise your true global potential.

We value relationships, innovation, flexibility and quality.

  • Quality:  Member Firms are hand-selected to meet Praxity quality criteria. Praxity regularly reviews client feedback and posts a selection of client testimonials on this website.
  • Unparalleled choice:  As the largest and fastest-growing alliance of independent accountancy and consulting firms worldwide*, membership in Praxity allows firms representing international businesses flexibility and choice.  Praxity Member Firms have 880 offices in over 120 countries, often with multiple Member Firms in each location, allowing Member Firms to customise and select a global team to best meet their needs. 
  • Strength in depth: With a combined turnover of US$9.7 billion, Praxity firms have the capability, resource and scale to support clients ranging from small ambitious businesses to established global, listed organisations.
  • Working together: Each year over 1,000 professionals from Praxity Member Firms attend global conferences, national conferences, tax forums and industry group meetings, enabling them to share knowledge and best practice. It also means close inter-firm relationships, allowing Member Firms to introduce known and trusted contacts to assist their clients.
  • Leveraging technology: Utilising technology such as Huddle and other such applications, member firms are able to collaborate and work together to provide a seamless global accounting and audit service.
  • Following opportunity for clients: Praxity actively seeks to have Member Firms with presence in key strategic locations and emerging markets, and is able to move quickly to secure new Member Firms when global opportunities arise. Examples of this include India, China and Latin America.
  • Award-winning solution: Praxity has won Association of the Year 2022 2021, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014. Thought Leadership Initiative of the Year 2020. Campaign of the Year in 2018, and Rising Star Association of the Year in 2013 – the first year the awards were given.
  • Committed to supporting international business: Praxity is a not-for-profit entity under Belgium law (so-called IVZW or AISBL), with its registered office in Belgium.

*International Accounting Bulletin World Survey 2023


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