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Thought Leadership

Robot revolution
Has the robot revolution been exaggerated?

The advancement of technology is important to business, but has the speed or impact of the robot revolution been exaggerated?

Circular economy
What does the circular economy mean for 2017?

Most businesses will be affected by the sustainability of resources in some way, but will a circular economy improve things?

Business Economics
Accountancy profession
What makes experienced and new accountants so different?

There is a difference between experienced accountants and those coming into the profession.

Praxity Global Conference
The status quo is not an option

The Praxity Global Conference 2016 demonstrated sharing international expertise has never been more important as firms face unprecedented challenges in the digital age.

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STEM industry
How can employers get more STEM professionals?

Professionals in the STEM industries are desperately needed, but how can employers ensure they recruit the right type of candidate and keep this talent in their organisation?

Business Economics