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HUB Editions

Praxity has been producing HUB three times a year to distribute at conferences and share with stakeholders. The magazine is constantly evolving and has recently been exploring key industry and global themes in more depth, with opportunities for participant firms and external commentators to contribute views. Keep checking for news of future developments.

HUB Lite Issue 14

HUB Lite Issue 14

Graeme bows out after 11 record-breaking years

Outgoing CEO Graeme Gordon led the evolution of Praxity from fledgling association to the world’s largest and most successful global alliance of accounting firms. Here, we pay tribute to his extraordinary achievements.
A new vision for Praxity
In this Q&A, Samantha explains her background in finance, what attracted her to the role, and her plans to take the Alliance forward.
Global conference lights up the way ahead
Stronger, bolder and more responsive. Find out the key takeaways from Praxity Global Conference 2021.

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