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Praxity's Video Series 

Smart Business in a New Era

In our first video we look at the scale and complexity of disruption post pandemic and how that has required operational changes across all accounting firms. Our panel explore how this has prompted a further tilt in direction to be more flexible and responsive to employee and client needs, and to accelerate transformation to meet these needs.

The Modern Workplace


Firms within the Alliance were way ahead of the curve pre-pandemic, having already moved towards more flexible working patterns and having embraced new technologies. In this video our panel look at how the modern-day workplace is transforming and how it’s been a question of speeding up and fine-tuning ongoing development programmes rather than radically transforming business strategy.

Client Expectations


Being responsive to client needs has been more important than ever for Praxity member firms during and post pandemic. These needs have varied enormously and, in this third video of the series, our panel give their thoughts on responding to clients ever changing expectations.

Working Together


The current period of disruption has reaffirmed the value of being part of a global alliance to our members, especially in terms of exchanging valuable information on how to respond and drive positive change. In this video the panel highlight new initiatives, learning opportunities and technology the alliance has developed to help member firms position themselves, stay relevant, competitive and grow.

Future Predictions


2022 and the years ahead are likely to see independent accounting firms working more closely together to exchange expertise and support their employees and clients. Our panel give their predictions and visions on identifying the accelerator’s and remaining agile.

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Remaining Competitive in the Future


In our final video the panel share their thoughts on remaining competitive, the skills and attributes required to stay ahead and remain relevant and Sam Louis highlights ways in which the Alliance are supporting member firms and their staff secure international business into the future.