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The Praxity Alliance believes that communication and engagement are essential business functions, rather than discretionary or promotional add-ons. They help build understanding, efficiency and effectiveness, encourage innovation and provide an opportunity to share developments in the Alliance and celebrate the achievements of participant firms.

Here you will find a range of the articles, thought-leadership features, blogs, publications and videos we have been producing to contribute to industry-shaping debate and commentary, showcase collaboration and achievement and strengthen the resources available for participant firms. We hope you find them of interest and use.

We’re always keen for our communications to be stimulating, relevant and useful and keep a constant eye on how media developments are changing people’s expectations. Feedback has already helped us shape our overall approach towards our digital, printed and audio-visual material, and the future will bring exciting further developments.

Please contact us at if you’d like to see anything more or different, or have ideas for subjects you’d like to see being covered in future.