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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not see my firm’s postings on this wall.

This wall populates with the newest posts at the top of the page. If a recent post from you firm is not included, please see Guidelines for Moderation to see if the material qualifies. Since posts go through moderation, there may be a delay for the post to populate on the wall. If the material does qualify please contact us and we will have your article added.

We have added Facebook and Twitter accounts for Praxity Member accounts that we could find. However, we can add the below sources. Please email us if your firm has another source which it uses.

Please see a list below of the sources which can be added.

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Instagram

·         Youtube

·         Facebook Messenger

·         RSS

·         Flickr

·         Pinterest

·         Vimeo

·         Reddit

·         Tumblr

·         VKontakte


I would like to add an article that is not from a social media account. What should I do?

We can add articles beyond social media sources. For us to be able to add yours, please email us for more information.

Can I add my companies Linked-In account?

Yes, this is possible. We would need to speak to the admin of your company’s linked-in account to be able to add a direct feed to this page. You can contact us at and we will provide additional instructions.

How do I share these posts?

When you click on the image or text it will enlarge the selected article and you can find share buttons on the bottom right corner of the article.

I am searching for a topic and I am having trouble find articles. Do you have any hints?

Searching using control F should search the articles. The wall is on a slow load meaning the content is pulled as you scroll further down. If you are having trouble finding what you need, we can provide an excel version of this content to make it more searchable.

How do I report inappropriate content?

Please immediately email us with the text from the article and the source of the article.


Guidelines for Moderation

The purpose of this wall is to combine articles, news, and published information from all Praxity Participant firms, to have a central location to get shareable content from the alliance.

In doing so, we have removed posts that distract from the essence of this goal including:

  • Posts that are recruiting individuals for employment
  • Posts on employee spotlights or firm team events
  • Holiday-related posts
  • Posts that contain inappropriate language
  • Posts that are exact duplicates from other social media (we will limit the article to one showing on the wall)
  • Posts that have content that negatively depicts other member firms

If you see a post that does not adhere to these guidelines, please contact us at ThoughtAggregation@PRAXITY.COM