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Nuñez Dubon of Guatemala joins the Praxity Alliance

At the crossroads of Latin America in Guatemala, the Praxity Alliance is delighted to welcome a new member - the outstanding Nuñez Dubon y Asociados of Guatemala City. 

The firm, specialising in compliance and business consulting, have been in operation since 1995, using their combined knowhow to provide outstanding service to their clients across both North and South America. Based in Central America’s largest city, the firm continues to lead fast-rising standards in the region. 

With divisions covering Accounting and Payroll BPO, Financial Valuation and Corporate Legal Services, the firm are able to offer wide-ranging support and advice to their clients. In welcoming these outstanding professionals, the Alliance’s capability is extended in Latin America and beyond. 

Eduardo Nuñez, founding partner at the firm, explains more about why the firm wished to be part of the Praxity Alliance -  

“Praxity’s commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovation aligns perfectly with our values and strategic goals. Additionally, we believe Praxity is a platform for making meaningful connections with its members in the region and around the world. 

For our partnership, it opens doors to new markets and enhances our ability to serve clients with international needs. For our clients, being part of Praxity means they will have access to a global network of top firms, ensuring they receive the highest level of service and expertise, regardless of where their business takes them.” 

Praxity CEO, Sam Louis, expands upon what these firms mean to Praxity -  

“Looking outside major markets in Europe and North America and to a truly global view is hugely important to Praxity. Guatemala is representative of the remarkable growth happening in Central America, with the economy forecast to grow 3% in 2024. This is the country’s third consecutive year of multiple percentage growth, with the rest of the region experiencing similarly remarkable change. Nunez Dubon have shown consistently excellent results in all of their endeavours, and I am proud to introduce them as Alliance members.” 

Praxity members, in both established and emerging economies, are perfectly placed to use their colleagues’ expertise to their global advantage.