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Case Study - Talenz Axe Conseils / Talenz Group Fidorg

Talenz Axe Conseils / Talenz Group Fidorg

Gallic and global expertise: a win-win situation

Praxity membership has put Talenz Axe Conseils on a stronger path to success – both domestically in France and internationally.


“We joined Praxity to ‘open the world’ to Talenz Axe Conseils and Talenz Groupe Fidorg. The goal has been reached.”


Firm: Talenz Axe Conseils / Talenz Group Fidorg

Praxity membership: Associate

Sector: Accountancy and Audit

Head office: Bois-Guillaume


Talenz Axe Conseils is an ambitious regional firm based in Normandy, with offices across Northern France. The firm recently commenced a strategic merger with Talenz Groupe Fidorg (TGF), tripling its professional workforce and paving the way for future expansion nationwide through the French network Talenz. Not content with developing its client business in France, Partners at Talenz Axe Conseils made the decision to join Praxity to gain global reach and become a one-stop-shop in France for international clients.


The challenge

Underpinning the merger is a wider strategy to boost collaborations with global colleagues and businesses. To make this happen, TGF joined Praxity at the beginning of 2020, following in the footsteps of Talenz Axe Conseils, which had joined the alliance in 2012. The aim was to provide a wider range of services for existing clients and to develop collaborations with Praxity participant firms around the world.


The Praxity solution

Membership of Praxity has provided Talenz Axe Conseils with a stepping stone to expand its international business and build relationships with independent accounting and consulting firms worldwide. Managing Partner Richard Petit explains: “We joined Praxity to ‘open the world’ to Talenz Axe Conseils and TGF. The goal has been reached since we are capable of efficiently recommending a Praxity member to our clients whenever they need to develop their business anywhere in the world. Conversely, we have managed to place ourselves in a position to accept the missions proposed by our Praxity partners by being a ‘one stop shop’ in France for their own clients.”


The biggest advantage that Praxity gives to Talenz Axe Conseils and TGF is “a huge international address book offering the full range of our business skills”, Richard says. “Moreover, contact with international members brings us some interesting insight into how our global profession is practiced in other countries and how we can implement or organize certain lines of services in France. It also gives us an international image. For example, in the latest ranking of international alliances in the French accountancy magazine La Revue Comptable, Praxity is in pole position.”


The outcome: better client service and more capacity

Joining Praxity enables firms to provide a single point of contact for clients with international operations. Richard explains: “Our teams are now able to accompany our clients in their business development and we can compete in France for the business of the international companies (French subsidiaries companies of international groups). Our development capacity has therefore increased since we joined the alliance.”


Membership of a global alliance isn’t always plain sailing, especially for medium-sized firms, but Praxity provides extensive support to help firms navigate a path to success. Richard concludes: “The main barrier initially was communication due to language and business culture differences, but we finally adopted a global vision and the quality of our exchanges with the other alliance members convinces us that we made the best choice for our company. This success was made easier by the Praxity support team, many thanks to them and especially Graeme Gordon without whom we would not have been able to follow this project through.”