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Why Remembrance Day has new meaning

Read the latest blog by Graeme Gordon, Praxity CEO

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The office is dead. Long live the office.

Working patterns have changed beyond recognition in 2020. Now it’s time to focus on what works best, argues Praxity Executive Director Graeme Gordon.

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Can lockdown be good for us?

Lockdown may not be welcome but there are many positives

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The Survivor Tree
Back to the future

Does a pear tree that survived 9/11 hold the key to the future of business?


Shelter and support during lockdown

How technology and human kindness will help us through these challenging times

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Working from home
Working from home: the new norm?

Millions of people have been forced to set up temporary work stations at home. What does it mean for the future of work?

post-millennials to pensioners
Never mind your age. What’s your value?

From post-millennials to pensioners, it’s what you contribute that matters

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Learning to let go

When does a love of something become an obsession? And when does an obsession become a danger?

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Devil May Care VS Due Diligence

It’s a battle for all of us to ensure we don’t let our natural desire to take it easy overcome the right thing to do. You’re pitted against the most difficult person to argue with - yourself!

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Leadership decisions: how to engage the right people

Senior managers within professional services should bear in mind two famous sayings when making an important decision.

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