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The Praxity Alliance: Independent and United

Across the Praxity Alliance, we have heard many times from our members that it can be difficult to explain exactly what the Alliance is to their clients. However, we have a fantastic story to tell, so how do we tell it?

Over recent months, we have been working with our member firms' Partners, Marketers and Praxity champions to give them the tools they need. We needed an idea of what was needed, along with a strategy for implementation.

The Praxity Alliance has three strategic pillars:

Reputation: To ensure member firms have an attractive and compelling proposition for potential international clients.


Reach: To service member firms' international clients with excellence through global reach and great client service.


Responsiveness: To support member firms through networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Alliance members told us they wanted to communicate about the benefits of the Alliance without ambiguity or guesswork. Our strategic solution is designed to deliver on this for our members. We call it The Praxity Edge.

We have created a “toolkit” of collateral to help make our direction communicable for Praxity Alliance member firms. It includes:

  • A series of video meetings with managing partners, firm leaders, marketers and Praxity Champions to introduce the ideas in The Praxity Edge
  • A “Fast Facts” document with important data points about the Praxity Alliance
  • A “Twinkle Map” showing where Alliance members’ offices are located around the world
  • A pitch deck with slides to be used in pitches and presentations
  • New logos and design elements for member firms to use
  • A new comprehensive set of brand guidelines


These assets give Praxity members an easy reference point when speaking about the Alliance and gives clients a clear idea of what the benefits are. They also set out the central idea and core message of what the Alliance is.

Whether an elevator pitch or a formal proposal, there are key messages that The Praxity Edge touches on. There are many fantastic possibilities that Praxity offers its members, helping them perform the class-leading work that they do:

How does the Alliance operate?


Praxity is independent AND united.

This means that Alliance member firms operate with full independence and oversee their own business affairs. The Praxity Alliance offers them connections with other firms of a similarly high quality, allowing them to collaborate with ease.


Like an airline alliance, we bring together firms who want to offer a greater geographic reach without joining a network and losing their independence. The client still makes the choice about whether to fly within the Alliance (and which airline to choose from the group depending on its needs) or outside of it. This means that the Alliance ensures high standards across all member firms, while allowing them to operate independently and make their own decisions.


Knowing that you have access to high-quality professionals and the ability to pick up the phone is a key benefit of the Alliance. Access to expertise and advice across markets is incredibly powerful, allowing members to share best practice and connect to great people anywhere in the world.


Our new communication strategy is designed to help the Praxity Alliance speak as one. Empowering member firms to make the most of their offering is a key aim, ensuring that they always have access to advice, expertise, and an array of class-leading experts in their field.


At Praxity, it’s about the people.

Customer Experience

Praxity member firms score highly on scales of customer experience and satisfaction. Demonstrating this beyond internal reviews shares the good work that firms are doing in their area and enhances their reputation. With such positive news across the Alliance, we needed people to know.


To keep the client journey in close step across the Alliance, we’re embarking on a journey to standardise customer ratings. This will help to leverage the high scores that member firms register on this metric, ensuring that clients know about the high standard of service across the world. We will be putting this into action in the next few months, allowing all Praxity Alliance members to benefit from everyone’s excellent work. Soon member firms will be able to record CX and NPS scores, with independent third-party verification. Furthermore, Praxity will be able to keep an aggregate score taken from all members of the Alliance, alongside individual scores for member firms.


Our members continue to go from strength to strength, generating high-quality outcomes and showing commitment to personal client care. Praxity membership ensures that each firm is a leader in their area, gaining international reach while maintaining each firm’s history, culture, ethos and values. The Praxity Edge communicates that to the world.


For more information on our communication strategy and how the Alliance works together for the benefit of clients, please get in touch with us at

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