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Praxity announces new Member Firm - MD CPA LLC

MD CPA new firm

Praxity is delighted to announce a new member to our global collaboration of independent accounting firms. The addition of MD CPA LLC Puerto Rico extends Praxity’s international reach in Latin America. The new member provides a very valuable range of accounting and local expertise.

Located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, MD CPA LLC employs ten staff, has one office, and specializes in Accounting, Audit, Taxation, Corporate Finance, Management, Information Systems and other consulting services. The firm’s strengths are a core of CPAs that have established a solid reputation within our market, highly experienced staff, a state-of-the-art computer system using the latest software that continues to enhance productivity and expand capacity, and high client retention providing consistent referrals to the firm.

Raul Delgado‐Crespo, Managing Partner at MD CPA LLC, said “Our firm is very excited to be part of the Praxity Global Alliance. Working together with Praxity, our firm has access to their resources and collaborative opportunities and can acquire international exposure, enhance our role as a trusted advisor and keep improving our performance.

Samantha Louis, CEO of Praxity said that “I am delighted to welcome MD CPA LLC into the Praxity family. As the world’s leading and largest Alliance, we look closely at the quality of the firms we allow to join. The firm is a strong addition to the Alliance and strengthens our Latin America presence. It will provide a valuable service to existing and new clients.”

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