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Nangia & Co LLP expands its reach and enhances its services by joining Praxity Global Alliance

Nangia & Co LLP

​After a decade of exponential growth, leading India-based accountancy firm Nangia & Co LLP has joined Praxity Global Alliance, the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms.

Nangia & Co LLP has grown its tax, auditing and advisory services over three decades, has a global client base and, to enhance its services and support for its clients, wanted to be a part of an international association whose members provided a strong worldwide footprint.

Managing Partner Rakesh Nangia said: “We’re delighted to have become a member of Praxity, three-times winner of IAB’s Association of the Year. Praxity was our first choice and,through this international alliance of like-minded, independent accounting firms, Nangia & Co LLP will be able to bring the world of business to our clients.”

Nangia & Co has operated for more than 35 years and over the last decade has consistently been rated as one of the top firms in India for entry strategy, taxation, mergers and acquisitions, accounting and compliance.  It currently covers all of India with 275 staff and offices in Noida, New Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun and Singapore.

“Joining Praxity will enhance our capacity and capability, providing us with aninternational platform to share knowledge, practices and resources.Participation in the Alliance will provide our clients with access to global experience, local market insights, new strategic partnerships and up-to-date regulatory guidance, wherever they do business.

“TheIndian market is also growing at a phenomenal rate and becoming an attractive destination for multinational corporations.  Our alliance with other Praxity participant firms will open doors and provide new opportunities to serve those multinational companies planning to start their operations in India.”

Welcoming Nangia & Co to the Alliance, Executive Director Graeme Gordon said: “The addition of Nangia & Co enhances the Alliance’s presence in India, reinforces the specialist international expertise of Praxity participant firms and also underlines the Alliance’s continuing policy of effective growth based on quality firms with specialist knowledge in strategic locations.

“We are unashamedly selective in the firms we welcome to Praxity, each of which retains their own branding, independence and financial responsibility.  We’re delighted that Nangia & Co has chosen the Alliance to extend its global reach and offer globally-sourced advice for its clients. We look forward to enjoying the distinctive experience and insight their continuing development will bring to the firms in the Alliance”.

Participant firms are handpicked for their size, strength, reputation, financial condition, leadership and strategic geographic relevance. As part of the Alliance, Nangia & Co can connect with 65+ other participant firms and share expertise with nearly 42,000 professionals in more than 100 countries.