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Orange claims too many US tech companies are getting an easy ride in countries across Europe.

The practice of pricing carbon use in a bid to stem global emissions appears to be gathering pace.

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World leaders are growing increasingly concerned about how the UK's potential exit from the EU will affect the global economy.

Economics, World news

The FSB claims there needs to be a more comprehensive approach to supervising shadow banking.


Tax avoidance was at the heart of discussions between the G7 recently.

The question on how to fix the global economy has caused a divide among the world's politicians.

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A number of experts have expressed concerns that developing countries are at risk of being left out of forming global economic policy.

Economics, World news

Australia has introduced several new measures aimed at addressing tax avoidance, although American companies are not happy.

World leaders from across the G20 have stepped up their efforts against tax evasion following the recent Panama Papers scandal.

G20 leaders claim that single monetary policies are unlikely to be enough to create genuine economic stability.

Economics, World news