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How would Brexit affect data sharing between the UK and the rest of the EU?

Experts have warned that exiting the EU could bring about a period of uncertainty in terms of how the UK deals handles data from Europe.

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EU's data privacy
EU privacy watchdog rejects US data agreement

The EU's data privacy watchdog claims improvements to the Privacy Shield agreement are needed.

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EU data protection
Why American firms need to take notice of changes to EU data protection regulations

The changes to data security measures across Europe should interest companies across the pond.

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How cloud the computing industry will be affected by GDPR

Experts say the new data protection measures set to be implemented across Europe will have an effect on how many cloud providers do business.

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Privacy Shield
'Privacy Shield' to impact both sides of the Atlantic

New measures will be introduced after Safe Harbor was invalidated by courts.

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EU data policies
CIOs concerned over new EU data policies

A majority of CIOs say they fear new policies surrounding data protection may not be enough to prevent companies being exposed.

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Cloud adoption
What impact will FASB ruling have on cloud adoption

The advantages of cloud adoption have become widely acknowledged by businesses of all sizes and sectors.

EU data protection
EU data protection rules set for shake up

The rules surrounding data protection for companies in the EU are due to be altered.