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Plante Moran
Plante Moran Receives ACG New York Champion's Award for CPA Firm of the Year

Plante Moran, one the nation’s largest certified public accounting and business advisory firms, received the 7th Annual ACG New York Champion's Award for CPA Firm of the Year from the Association for Corporate Growth New York and M&A Advisor.

Praxity news
Aboriginal-owned consulting firm joins MNP

MNP and Calliou Group unite to benefit aboriginal communities.

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National accounting firm expands presence in Brockville

MTA and MNP join forces to benefit an evolving and dynamic marketplace.

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US debt
Is the Puerto Rico crisis a one-off? Praxity participant firms try to make sense of the biggest US debt restructuring in history

With various states, territories and governments around the world teetering on the verge of economic meltdown, the bankruptcy ‘plan’ of Puerto Rico is under intense scrutiny.

Economics World news
Reporting guidelines
New integrated reporting guidelines boost standards

Integrated reporting enables businesses to develop key insight into their strengths and weaknesses, improving strategy and planning for accountancy firms.

Paragon Audit & Consulting, Inc. Joins BKD

BKD CEO Ted Dickman is pleased to announce that Paragon Audit & Consulting, Inc. will join the firm effective June 1, 2017.

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Puerto Rico debt crisis
Puerto Rico debt crisis sends shockwaves around the world

The fallout of Puerto Rico’s lurch towards bankruptcy while facing debts of $74 billion is set to be felt far beyond the island’s 3.4 million inhabitants.

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Praxity participant firms
Keeping Praxity firms ‘in the loop’ on community engagement and charity fundraising

Praxity participant firms frequently distinguish themselves not just through their business achievements and client service, but also through their engagement with the communities they work alongside.

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GDPR: where we are and where we’re going

Risks and rewards of new data regulations.

National accounting firm enhances southern Ontario presence

MNP and JMA join forces to benefit business community in Oakville and surrounding areas.

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