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Our firms

Here you will find information about the firms in the Alliance. You can search for individual firms by location, name and type.

  • 55+ firms worldwide with combined revenue of US$8.77 billion as at December 2022
  • 817+ offices worldwide providing solutions
  • 120+ countries giving truly local coverage
  • 70,000+ people worldwide


Firm Locations

You can use our map to search for firms by region and country.


Praxity Firms

Search our alphabetical list of firms participating in the Praxity Alliance.

We are unashamedly selective in the firms we welcome to the Praxity Alliance, each of which retains their own branding, independence and financial responsibility. All are successful, highly-rated by peers and share the same service ethos and international collaborative spirit. Senior-level expertise and local knowledge is critical. Every firm is assessed by the Membership Committee not only on entry but also every three years thereafter, to ensure they are maintaining high levels of service and performance.

Through Praxity, one firm can approach another when specific advice is required outside its usual technical expertise or geographic knowledge or presence.

This gives clients the benefit of cost-effective, seamless access to specialist technical skills and objective guidance when developing or initiating business in an established or emerging market, from wherever in the world they are based. Praxity firms can steer compliant routes through any jurisdiction, giving your business, regulators and stakeholders the assurances they need.