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Financial reporting rules
Experts demand end to illogical financial reporting rules

Almost three quarters of global and intangible value are not reflected in balance sheets.

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Conscious accounting
Can accountancy be socially conscious?

The financial aspects of accountancy mean that it's a particularly difficult field for professionals to be ethically and morally conscious, as money is often the main driver and the way in which success is measured. 

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Global transparency
In search of global transparency

Pressure is mounting on companies to be more transparent and accountable but is enough being done to quell public discord?

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Tax issues for the year ahead

Taxation is an important issue for businesses around the world and can have a significant impact on profit margins and the overall success of a company.

The cloud
Will the cloud change accountancy in 2017

​The cloud has become a lot more sophisticated in recent years, meaning that many sectors that had previously avoided it, have now adopted its technology and are reaping the benefits.

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Automation in accountancy
Where have all the people gone?

As the accounting profession becomes more automated, firms risk overlooking their most important asset – their people.

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Public sector forces in accountancy
Accountants need to prepare for 50 public sector forces

There are 50 forces changing the public sector that accountants need to be prepared for.

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cloud-based accounting
Inside the cloud

Is cloud-based accounting really as good as it sounds?

Machine-based services
The clock is ticking

Could the rise in machine-based services and consulting packages persuade accounting firms to finally ditch hourly billing in favour of value pricing?

Accountancy profession
What makes experienced and new accountants so different?

There is a difference between experienced accountants and those coming into the profession.