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How to attract and keep talent in 2017

With skills shortages affecting different sectors worldwide, attracting the right talent and keeping it is becoming an increasingly important aspect of recruitment. Companies need to find the right people for the job to avoid any gaps within their organisation, which means ensuring they offer the best employment prospects.

Not only does a skills shortage mean that finding the right candidate can be difficult, businesses will also be competing with others to attract talent. This can make it hard to keep the talent you do have, as they may be offered incentives at other organisations that you don't.

Having a strategy in place to attract and keep talent is vital to maintain a happy and productive workforce, as well as making sure required roles are always filled. In order to stop a skills shortage affecting your business, there are some things you should consider when it comes to recruitment and employee benefits this year.

Showcase the company

It isn't just a job vacancy that you need to advertise, you also need to showcase your company. This will help to highlight the good things about your business and show potential candidates what benefits there are to working for you. Those who have sought after skills will end up interviewing your company, as well as being interviewed for a position, which means that you need to make the business look appealing in order for the right person to accept an offer of employment.

Look at what marketing techniques you can use to inform candidates about your company, such as making a careers page on your website and using social media to give insight into the culture of the business. Reflect this culture in the job posting, giving as much information as possible to attract the best possible candidates.

Offer flexibility

While the skills gap has pushed salaries higher and higher, it isn't always about the money. More people are looking for greater flexibility with their roles, which can often trump higher salaries when candidates are looking at benefits. 

Showing potential employees what work perks your company offers could be a great way to both attract and retain talent. Things like flexible working and home working may appeal more to candidates than a position that doesn't provide these options. They can also be beneficial for staff morale in the long-run.

Provide training

People want to feel like they can build a career with a company, not simply use a position as a stepping stone to a different job. Training is a huge part of this as it helps employees develop their skills, work better and feel like they have a future where they are.

Having a progression scheme in place is not ideal without training options as it can make workers feel like the only thing they can do to move up in the business is put in time. However, giving them opportunities to train and tying these in with progression will help to encourage them to pursue their own development. On top of this, your business will benefit from greater skill levels.

Rewards and recognition

A big part of a company's culture is how it recognises and rewards hard work. This doesn't just mean bonuses or promotions, as sometimes simply telling someone they did a good job displays the value they have to the business. 

Showing candidates that the company appreciates its workers and the jobs they do can help to attract the right talent while also improving morale. Whether this is a monthly reward for employees within certain areas of the business or a company-wide scheme, recognising individuals and teams goes a long way to keeping people happy and showing potential employees what the business' values are.

Workplace community

Once you've seen one office environment, you've seen them all, which is why you need to make yours stand out. Creating a sense of community can totally transform a workplace and ensures that your company provides things that can help with personal development as well as professional.

Think about how you can create a community by changing the way a workplace is set up. Not only could moving desks around help encourage employees to engage more with each other, but adding in areas where they can relax on their lunch or take part in activities can help make an office a more interesting place to work. This looks great to those you are interviewing, as well as promotes a positive culture that employees will appreciate.

Listen to employees

If you really want to know what would help retain employees and what could be beneficial to your attracting talent, it is a good idea to discuss the topic with workers. Understanding what areas of the company they enjoy and what they would like to see improved could give you important insight into all areas of the business.

Organise a feedback system, as well as regular communication to fill them in on what is happening and to hear what they think. Not only will this allow you to make changes that will be welcome, it will promote a better sense of transparency that employees will appreciate. 

Setting your company apart from others could help you attract more talent in 2017, plugging any skills shortages being experienced by your company. On top of this, it could help you retain the talent you have well beyond the end of the year.