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Praxity welcomes three new Firms

Rabel & Partners, Fucik & Partners, and Hansen-Holm & Co

Leading accountancy firms in Austria, the Czech Republic and Ecuador have joined Praxity – the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms.

The addition of Rabel & Partners, Fucik & Partners, and Hansen-Holm & Co strengthens Praxity’s position as a global force in accounting.

Austrian firm Rabel & Partners’ main focus is the innovative economic region of South East Austria. Based in Graz and employing 70 employees and seven partners, the firm has a global outlook and serves several international clients with its tax and financial advisory services.

Markus Pellet, a Partner at Rabel & Partners, said: “As opposed to other international associations including networks, Praxity offers both extensive global coverage and the possibility for each member and partner to operate on an individual basis. Organized in a lean and efficient way, it enables its stakeholders to share the advantages of a global organization including worldwide knowledge share and joint advisory services for cross-border assignments.

“Praxity enables our employees to work in a flexible and pro-active working environment under a strong local brand, while still having access to global resources. As for our clients, they continue to benefit from our one-stop shop approach, with our respective client relationship manager representing the access point to international expertise in tax, audit and financial advisory services.”

Czeck firm Fucik & Partners has been helping clients develop their activities in the fields of accounting, payroll, taxes, audit and business consulting for 20 years. Based in Prague and with offices in Bratislava, Slovakia, Fucik & Partners offers comprehensive and flexible advisory services at a very high level, enabling clients to obtain all the necessary services in one place from experts who are constantly developing their skills and knowledge of current events.

Milan Pasek, Auditor/Partner at Fucik & Partners, said: “As a cooperating partner of LeitnerLeitner we are happy to join the largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world and to expand our international coverage.” He added that as a Praxity participant firm, Fucik & Partners “will develop contacts with international experts with whom we can cooperate to provide the best possible service for our clients".

Praxity has also been joined by Ecuadorian firm Hansen-Holm & Co. Based in Ecuador since 1975, with offices in Guayaquil and Quito, and with over 50 professionals meeting all the international standards, Hansen-Holm & Co specialises in external audit and consulting services, ensuring integrity, availability and confidentiality. 

The company prides itself on the timely treatment of internal and external risks, and compliance with customer requirements, being the only firm in Ecuador that has been certified under the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Hansen-Holm & Co has been a correspondent of Mazars since 2013 and thanks to Mazar’s advice and constant support, the Ecuadorian firm was able to join Praxity Global Alliance.​

The three firms have each chosen Praxity to extend their global reach and offer globally sourced advice for their clients. As part of the Alliance, each firm can connect with 66 other participant firms and share expertise with nearly 42,000 professionals in over 100 countries.

Praxity Executive Director, Graeme Gordon, said: “Praxity is built on the principle that experts from around the world can connect and share expertise to meet their clients’ increasingly global needs. The addition of Rabel & Partners, Fucik & Partners, and Hansen-Holm & Co, not only reinforces the specialist international expertise of Praxity participant firms, but also underlines the Alliance’s continuing policy of effective growth based on quality firms with specialist knowledge.”