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Arnaud Debray appointed Executive Director of FIDEF


A Senior Partner at Praxity participant firm AXE Conseils has been appointed Executive Director of the International Federation of Francophone Accountants (FIDEF).

The Federation brings together professional accounting organizations from nearly 40 French-speaking countries, on four continents, representing approximately 100,000 accountants and auditors.

Created in 1981, FIDEF facilitates exchange and cooperation within the francophone community for the benefit of accounting firms around the world.

Describing his new role as “challenging” and something he is “passionate” about, Arnaud said: “Although FIDEF members share a common point that they are francophone, their situation and needs are very diverse in many key areas. One of my roles will be to identify these needs, listen to members within the Federation and respond to them in the most appropriate way.”

Arnaud takes over in the role from Michele Cartier Le Guerinel, who occupied the post for ten years. First elected in Brussels in September last year, Arnaud took on the full duties of the role in February this year. 

He will assist FIDEF’s current President Mohamed HDID, who is Honorary President of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Morocco.  One of Arnaud’s first initiatives will be at FIDEF’s Board of Directors meeting in Fes, Morocco, on May 18 and 19, where he will organise a day dedicated to the digital evolution of the profession and the automation of firms. He will also be following up on the question ‘should the model and organisation of the francophone accounting profession be revised to better serve national economies’. He added: “These are key issues and I aim to make a significant contribution to addressing them in my new role.”

He will also be helping to support the main objectives of FIDEF which is to:

•Ensure the recognition and authority of the francophone accounting profession,

•Promote accounting and professional standards in francophone countries,

•Translate auditing and accounting standards, and all useful text.

•Ensure that French-speaking accounting and auditing professionals have an internationally recognized level of technical competence in line with the economic needs of the countries,

•Support international harmonization in the field of auditing and accounting,

•Represent the francophone accounting profession in front of international institutions.

Arnaud is a Senior Partner at AXE Conseils, in Normandy. The firm has ten partners, eight offices and 130 staff, and provides services for clients across France on accountancy, tax, audit and associated services. 

Vice-President of the Order of Chartered Accountants in France for the past four years, Arnaud also has long established association with members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.