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Russia and Saudi Arabia oil market
Russia and Saudi Arabia agreement stabilises oil market

Two of the biggest oil producers in the world have agreed to take joint action to help stabilise the market for the future.

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UK and China
Is the UK about to end its special relationship with China?

The UK is seeing its relationship with China come under increasing pressure recently, but it is by no means the only one.

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Will a split euro really solve problems with Europe’s single currency?

The future of the Euro and the Eurozone has been placed under the microscope once more.

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Luxembourg tax
Luxembourg to bring in new laws in bid to combat global tax evasion

Luxembourg's reputation as a global tax haven could be about to come to an end.

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G20 Summit
African eyes set to be fixed on upcoming G20 Summit

There is likely to be plenty of interest from Africa in the upcoming G20 Summit.

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New Zealand tax
EU considers sanctions on New Zealand over tax laws

The European Union (EU) is considering imposing sanctions on New Zealand, according to reports.

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Switzerland tax
Switzerland one of 10 countries achieving greater tax transparency, OECD claims

The OECD has laid out a rundown of countries that have achieved greater tax transparency.

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China proposes global tax measures at G20 meeting

China's finance minister Lou Jiwei has made several suggestions on how to improve global tax measures.

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EU-US Privacy Shield
EU-US Privacy Shield made into law - So what happens now?

The EU-US Privacy Shield has now been made into law. But what happens next?

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UK exit from EU
Is the UK set for a quick exit from the EU?

The UK's exit from the EU is set to be most pressing issue for new prime minister Theresa May.

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