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Europes banks
Central bank stability at risk

A report from Bloomberg has suggested that there could be increasing instability with Europe's central banks.

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Digital gaming market
Digital games market to hit $100BN

Reports suggest the digital games market is due to generate more than $100 billion of revenue, which is likely to have an impact on other industries.

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Artificial intelligence
Finance chiefs have mixed feelings about automation

Eight per cent of accountants believe automation will have an impact in the next two to five years, research shows.

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Agriculture regulations
Improved agriculture regulations could lessen poverty

A new report has suggested that better regulation surrounding agriculture could have a positive impact on levels of poverty.

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Accountancy in China
How IT developments are changing accountancy in China

IT developments are having a significant impact on how Chinese businesses do their accounts.

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India finance bill
Mazars publishes analysis of India finance bill

Praxity participant firm Mazars has published an analysis of the Income Tax & Service Tax proposals in India’s Finance Bill 2017.

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How can the G20 help boost global economies?

The G20 has a responsibility to help economies around the world thrive and be as self-sufficient as possible.

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Labour markets
Global labour market hints at recovery

There are signs that economies are stabilising around the world; could this point to a more positive outlook for labour markets?

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Obama US
Obama: US must work with other nations

President Barack Obama has said the US must work better with other nations to build stronger economies around the world.

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EU reform
Germany urges UK to not block EU reform

German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen has said she expects Britain to not block any deals to strengthen military cooperation in the EU.

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