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US tax system
US tax reform: what does it mean for business?

“Something beautiful” is happening to the US tax system according to President Donald Trump. Is he right?

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China’s Belt and Road
The vital role of accountancy in China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China’s bid to create a third global trade axis could be good news for accountancy in more ways than one.

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Fasten your seatbelts: China is creating a new global trade axis

If the hype is to be believed, China’s Belt and Road initiative will develop infrastructure and trade in local communities and across vast regions and continents.

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Paradise papers
The ethics of Paradise

Rightly or wrongly, it comes as no surprise to find accountancy in the firing line following the publication of the Paradise Papers, the second biggest data leak in history after the Panama Papers.

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Reporting standards
Making sense of reporting standards

As business becomes more global, more and more accountancy firms are having to get to grips with the complex world of international financial reporting.

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Mexico's tax system
Transforming Mexico’s digital tax landscape

The deadline is imminent for the mandatory implementation of new Mexican CFDI reforms (version 3.3).

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US debt
Is the Puerto Rico crisis a one-off? Praxity participant firms try to make sense of the biggest US debt restructuring in history

With various states, territories and governments around the world teetering on the verge of economic meltdown, the bankruptcy ‘plan’ of Puerto Rico is under intense scrutiny.

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Puerto Rico debt crisis
Puerto Rico debt crisis sends shockwaves around the world

The fallout of Puerto Rico’s lurch towards bankruptcy while facing debts of $74 billion is set to be felt far beyond the island’s 3.4 million inhabitants.

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Switzerland tax
Will Swiss vote against tax reform threaten it's competitiveness?

Corporation tax vote may make Switzerland less attractive to business.

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Africa growth
Innovation: Africa is inventing its own model

The African continent is activating the intrapreneurship and open innovation drivers to address its particular developmental and growth challenges.

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