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Switzerland tax
Switzerland one of 10 countries achieving greater tax transparency, OECD claims

The OECD has laid out a rundown of countries that have achieved greater tax transparency.

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China proposes global tax measures at G20 meeting

China's finance minister Lou Jiwei has made several suggestions on how to improve global tax measures.

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OECD set criteria for labelling countries as 'non-cooperative' tax jurisdictions

The OECD has laid out criteria for determining whether a country is a “non-cooperative” tax jurisdiction.

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Tax evasion
CISI calls on all Brits to pay tax, even if they're living abroad

The CISI claims the proposed measures would help to reduce the risks of tax evasion.

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US investment post-Brexit
US investment banks to offer boost to post-Brexit London

The recent Brexit result has sparked unease among many financial workers in London.

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EU tax avoidance
EU pushes through corporate tax avoidance rules

Despite Brexit continuing to cause shockwaves across Europe, the EU has taken steps aimed a cracking down on tax avoidance.

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Markets calm after Brexit shock, despite fractured Conservative Party

The FTSE 100 has recovered all of the ground lost in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, but Boris Johnson's decision to pull out of the race to be the next PM has prompted further questions.

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OECD warns of negative impact of low interest rates and government policies on economic growth

The OECD has warned that low interest rates could be harming long-term global growth.

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European Commission
European Commission criticised for policing of national budgets

Jeroen Dijsselbloem has criticised the European Commission over the way it scrutinises the national budgets of countries across the continent.

US and China
US calls on China to bring down barriers to foreign businesses

Senior US officials claim China needs to do more to embrace US businesses operating in the country.

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