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Advisory and technology services
Advisory and technology services growing faster than audit

A new report from EY shows that its advisory and tech services are growing faster than audit, pointing to an industry-wide trend in finance.

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Transaction tax
EC to create financial transaction tax

The European Commission (EC) has been told to create a draft financial transaction tax by the end of the year.

Labour markets
Global labour market hints at recovery

There are signs that economies are stabilising around the world; could this point to a more positive outlook for labour markets?

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Obama US
Obama: US must work with other nations

President Barack Obama has said the US must work better with other nations to build stronger economies around the world.

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IPO prospects strong for 2017

Experts believe that, although there have been problems with IPOs, 2017 will be a strong year.

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Oil market
Stalemate for oil market

With an upcoming Opec meeting this week, many experts are wondering about how the oil market will recover from recent price crashes.

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EU wifi
EC plans to introduce free public wi-fi

President Juncker has announced plans to provide free wi-fi to all public spaces in the EU, to help businesses and create jobs.

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Britain leaves the EU
Can London stay a financial hotspot?

There are concerns that the financial authority of London will be damaged once Britain leaves the EU, potentially losing investment and resources.

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US ranked as most entrepreneurially advanced G20 nation

EY has released a report detailing how accommodating the G20 member countries are to digital entrepreneurship, with the US topping the rankings.

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EC aims to accelerate CMU reform to help businesses

The EC is attempting to accelerate the completion of the CMU, which is intended to make it easier for businesses to access more diverse funding sources.

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