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Mexico's tax system
Transforming Mexico’s digital tax landscape

The deadline is imminent for the mandatory implementation of new Mexican CFDI reforms (version 3.3).

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Cross-border tax
ACCA welcomes increased transparency in cross-border tax arrangements

Proposed changes to the monitoring and enforcement of cross-border tax arrangements in Europe have been welcomed by ACCA.

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US debt
Is the Puerto Rico crisis a one-off? Praxity participant firms try to make sense of the biggest US debt restructuring in history

With various states, territories and governments around the world teetering on the verge of economic meltdown, the bankruptcy ‘plan’ of Puerto Rico is under intense scrutiny.

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Puerto Rico debt crisis
Puerto Rico debt crisis sends shockwaves around the world

The fallout of Puerto Rico’s lurch towards bankruptcy while facing debts of $74 billion is set to be felt far beyond the island’s 3.4 million inhabitants.

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Switzerland tax
Will Swiss vote against tax reform threaten it's competitiveness?

Corporation tax vote may make Switzerland less attractive to business.

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Europes banks
Central bank stability at risk

A report from Bloomberg has suggested that there could be increasing instability with Europe's central banks.

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Digital gaming market
Digital games market to hit $100BN

Reports suggest the digital games market is due to generate more than $100 billion of revenue, which is likely to have an impact on other industries.

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Agriculture regulations
Improved agriculture regulations could lessen poverty

A new report has suggested that better regulation surrounding agriculture could have a positive impact on levels of poverty.

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Data security
Data security top priority for healthcare

A new survey has found that data security is more important than improving patient satisfaction for CIOs in the healthcare sector.

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How can the G20 help boost global economies?

The G20 has a responsibility to help economies around the world thrive and be as self-sufficient as possible.

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