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Data security
Is technology making data security tougher?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to technology, but when it comes to data security is it making it easier or more difficult to protect information?

Rouse Partners’ Brexit checklist commended in UK and abroad

Political think-tank says checklist is useful tool to help small businesses assess risks.

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Cyber attack
What can companies to do to safeguard against cyber attacks?

Cyber attacks are a growing problem for companies of all sizes, but how can businesses better protect themselves against potential dangers?

IPO prospects strong for 2017

Experts believe that, although there have been problems with IPOs, 2017 will be a strong year.

Business Economics
European SME's
Half of Euro SMEs say data security is a major obstacle

Half of small businesses in Europe feel that data security is a major barrier to making the most of technology for their business.

cyber crime
How will cyber crime evolve?

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, making it more challenging for businesses to protect themselves against data theft.

Big Data
How IBM will push Big Data to new frontiers

Global technology giant IBM is helping to push the boundaries of Big Data even further by building new Linux servers.

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Data security
What can we learn from the UK government's data security flaws?

The UK government's data security has been lambasted in a recent report from the National Audit Office. So what could they do to improve?

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Gender pay gap
Will legislation changes address the gender pay gap?

Legislation changes are due to come into effect shortly to reduce the gender pay gap and improve transparency, but will these make a difference to inequality between men and women?

EU-US Privacy Shield
EU-US Privacy Shield made into law - So what happens now?

The EU-US Privacy Shield has now been made into law. But what happens next?

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