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EC tax
EC adopts new corporate tax avoidance rules

A number of new rules have been introduced as part of measures implemented by the European Commission.

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Tax evasion
CISI calls on all Brits to pay tax, even if they're living abroad

The CISI claims the proposed measures would help to reduce the risks of tax evasion.

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EU tax avoidance
EU pushes through corporate tax avoidance rules

Despite Brexit continuing to cause shockwaves across Europe, the EU has taken steps aimed a cracking down on tax avoidance.

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Google tax
Orange weighs into Google tax row by criticising 'unfair' tax breaks

Orange claims too many US tech companies are getting an easy ride in countries across Europe.

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Tax avoidance
Combating tax avoidance proves major talking point at G7

Tax avoidance was at the heart of discussions between the G7 recently.

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Google tax
Australia to introduce its own 'Google tax'

Australia has introduced several new measures aimed at addressing tax avoidance, although American companies are not happy.

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Global tax evasion
World leaders stepping up fight against global tax evasion

World leaders from across the G20 have stepped up their efforts against tax evasion following the recent Panama Papers scandal.

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Failures by the UN
UN audit identifies serious shortcomings amid alleged bribery

Lapses and due-diligence failures by the UN have been revealed.

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EU's tax
Campaigners cast doubt on effectiveness of EU's tax transparency plans

Measures aimed at preventing companies avoiding tax will have little effect, campaigners warn.

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Estate tax
US to lift 35-year-old real estate tax on foreign investors

The lifting of measures on taxing foreign real estate investors means more people are set to enter the market.

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