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Abe and Merkel
Abe and Merkel at loggerheads over how to fix global economy

The question on how to fix the global economy has caused a divide among the world's politicians.

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Plante Moran
Plante Moran’s Eric Formberg Receives Michigan School Business Officials President’s Award

Eric Formberg, a partner in Plante Moran’s Auburn Hills office, has received the Michigan School Business Officials President’s Award, which is bestowed at the discretion of the MSBO President.

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Google tax
Australia to introduce its own 'Google tax'

Australia has introduced several new measures aimed at addressing tax avoidance, although American companies are not happy.

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Global tax
Are developing countries at risk of being left behind by global tax decisions?

A number of experts have expressed concerns that developing countries are at risk of being left out of forming global economic policy.

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Global tax evasion
World leaders stepping up fight against global tax evasion

World leaders from across the G20 have stepped up their efforts against tax evasion following the recent Panama Papers scandal.

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Low interest rates
G20 warns against reliance on low interest rates

G20 leaders claim that single monetary policies are unlikely to be enough to create genuine economic stability.

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Global recession
Stable oil prices decrease likelihood of global recession

Research from Oxford Economics suggests that the risk of another global recession has been greatly reduced.

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Post-oil economy
Is Saudi Arabia preparing for a post-oil economy?

Saudi Arabia looks set to be joining a number of other Middle-East nations in looking to explore a post-oil economy.

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Slowing world economy
World economy dominates G20 meeting in Shanghai

The slowing world economy is one of the major issues being faced by the G20 this year.

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Global economic growth
Why the OECD and IMF see inflation as the way forward for global economy

Inflation has been touted as a key part in restoring global economic growth.

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