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US and China
US calls on China to bring down barriers to foreign businesses

Senior US officials claim China needs to do more to embrace US businesses operating in the country.

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How would Brexit affect data sharing between the UK and the rest of the EU?

Experts have warned that exiting the EU could bring about a period of uncertainty in terms of how the UK deals handles data from Europe.

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Google tax
Orange weighs into Google tax row by criticising 'unfair' tax breaks

Orange claims too many US tech companies are getting an easy ride in countries across Europe.

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Carbon pricing
Carbon pricing set to take hold across the world

The practice of pricing carbon use in a bid to stem global emissions appears to be gathering pace.

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G7 warns that Brexit could harm growth in global economy

World leaders are growing increasingly concerned about how the UK's potential exit from the EU will affect the global economy.

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Tax avoidance
Combating tax avoidance proves major talking point at G7

Tax avoidance was at the heart of discussions between the G7 recently.

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FSB says shadow banking supervision is falling short

The FSB claims there needs to be a more comprehensive approach to supervising shadow banking.

EU's data privacy
EU privacy watchdog rejects US data agreement

The EU's data privacy watchdog claims improvements to the Privacy Shield agreement are needed.

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EU data protection
Why American firms need to take notice of changes to EU data protection regulations

The changes to data security measures across Europe should interest companies across the pond.

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Plante Moran
Plante Moran Names Laura Claeys and Donna Hanson Industry Group Leaders

Plante Moran, one of the nation’s largest certified public accounting and business advisory firms, has announced two new industry group leaders: Laura Claeys and Donna Hanson.

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