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EU data protection
EU data protection rules set for shake up

The rules surrounding data protection for companies in the EU are due to be altered.

MNP Expands Cybersecurity Services by Merging in NCI, a Leading Cybersecurity Firm

Enhanced Cybersecurity Solutions to Benefit Marketplace

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G20 China
China to offer reassurance to G20 over economic situation

China has moved to offer reassurances over its economic situation to the G20.

Economics World news
Big companies top of the productivity food chain, but the cloud is narrowing the gap

The gap in rates of productivity between large and small companies is beginning to narrow.

MNP Acquires PwC Personal Insolvency Practice in Atlantic Canada

Marketplace to benefit with MNP personalized debt solutions

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Global growth
OECD cuts global growth forecast amid currency debt risks

The OECD has warned of slowing major economies and emerging market sensitivity to exchange rate volatility.

Economics World news