IT Consulting

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Did your last IT project delivery over-run or go over budget? In most instances, taking short cuts cost more in the long-run. That’s why Praxity technology specialists consider the important factors at the outset. They don’t deal in ballpark figures and unrealistic estimations. And they don’t short change on mapping out requirements or intentionally engineer follow up work.

Whether you are seeking international IT cost reductions, enhanced efficiency or a full system migration, Praxity firms have capabilities to power projects forward and optimise the value of your IT project spend.

IT Strategy

Is your IT strategy working for you now? More importantly, will it be sustainable in the future? Before recommending any IT investment, Praxity firms consider the complete picture, reviewing   existing IT applications, staffing and infrastructure and how each aligns to your organisational needs and governance structures – both locally and internationally. Leveraging cost benefits and ensuring optimal value of your global IT spend.

IT Project Management

The outcome of your IT project is dependent on meeting countless variables on time and within budget. Working alongside your internal IT teams, business stakeholders and steering groups, Praxity firms provide the external oversight and clarify internal thinking. We view it as a robust process, with a light touch. Project management that’s down to earth, in touch and not at all formulaic.

IT Security

IT is a valuable business asset and every business calls for different security techniques to protect it. By asking the right questions and applying sector, regulatory and technical expertise, Praxity firms help clients to understand the emerging technologies, advising on the vulnerabilities and suggesting pragmatic security controls that address your immediate and long-term information management priorities.

Business Intelligence

Are you driving your strategy using intuition or intelligence? For business information to become your greatest asset, alignment between business and business information strategies is needed. Whether it’s ensuring sales and business process data is synchronised and clean, or eliminating unreliable financial reports, Praxity firms can advise you on data models, trends and competitor information, helping you to make more intelligent and timely business decisions.