Family Business

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Who says family and business don't mix? Commercial harmony is proven time and again to be successful, providing everyone understands where the business is heading. Many Praxity firms started and continue to thrive as family or privately held enterprises. This means we speak from experience and with sensitivity, and haven’t lost sight of the challenges.

Our family advisory professionals across the globe can introduce different ownership business models that suit your family and business culture, wherever you are located. Whether it’s assisting with ownership governance, conflict management or succession planning, Praxity firms understand the ins and outs and dynamics of family relationships, because we are a Praxity family too.

Strategy planning

Does your business have a clear vision for the future? Is everyone on board? Strategic planning increases the chances of sustainable success in every business, even those who enjoy the most amenable relationships. Whether it’s your financial, market, expansion or CSR strategy, our Praxity family strategy specialists can provide a holistic view, ensuring commercial success without compromising family harmony.

Succession planning

Fact: Most family businesses will need to consider a generation change in the next decade, maybe sooner. Do you have a successor in mind? Are they primed and ready to take up the helm?  Praxity family specialists can provide the forum to help you plan for the future, offering an independent voice during inter-family discussions.

Wealth planning

What is the most tax efficient option for family wealth transfers? Do trusts remain a favoured vehicle in the U.S and Western Europe? What are the alternatives? How will your beneficiaries benefit? Whether it’s estate, financial or inheritance tax planning, Praxity firms can provide answers. Just ask us.

Asset value maintenance

Calculate the true economic value of your business enterprise. Whether its tangible and intangible assets or intellectual property, Praxity member firms across the globe apply accepted value appraisal methods combined with sound industry knowledge, helping client to make their business more successful and valuable in the long-term.

Corporate Control services

Whether your family business is emerging, growing, maturing or in transition, your governance model needs to flex and evolve with you. Wherever you are in the business cycle, Praxity firms can assess and recommend corporate governance structures that reinforce and facilitate family unity, not divide.

Financial Consulting

Growth requires capital. Praxity firms can assist in developing financial strategies that work for your business. Whether it’s initiating fundraising for new ventures, advising on mergers, acquisitions or disposal, or financial restructuring, our members can help you to make the right choice to take your business forward.